Kim Pullan was my Independent Living Advisor for a few years and in that time she did an outstanding job. Being disabled as a young woman is really not easy but Kim always did her best to ensure that the support I was receiving was the best that I could get. She really is such a selfless person, who goes above and beyond and understands that service users are not just a job, but that we are actually people just like everyone else happening to need support. She was quick and punctual with replies and I can't fault her at all, on the contrary I recommend her to anyone seeking support for themselves or others. She is so friendly and hardworking and greatly believes in fostering dignity, essential to anyone needing care
My autistic daughter, who also has learning difficulties, was awarded a personal allowance, which enabled us to employ a person to act as a P.A. and take her out into an environment where she would otherwise be very vulnerable and unable to access. The whole concept of becoming an employer, finding a suitable person, managing timesheets and finance was daunting. I was introduced to Kim Pullan. Kim met Sarah and listened to our needs. She then wrote and promoted a suitable advert highlighting the skills we needed. She forwarded to me applications, helped select possible candidates and then was present at subsequent interviews. As well as explaining her role in the process, she helped me structure questions to enable us to find the best candidate for the position. She set up the payroll for me, and gave guidance on filling in timesheets and holiday pay entitlement. If I had any problems or questions she was always accessible to help.
Liz Dransfield
Kim was my independent living advisor a few years ago when my dad was allocated care hours from Focus Adult Social Care. We chose to have this as a direct payment so we could employ someone of own choosing to meet our dads needs. It was so important to us to get the process right from the beginning and Kim helped right from advising us about what we could include in the advert and what questions to ask at the interview. Kim sat in the interviews with me which I requested as I wanted an independent, professional opinion and viewpoint as well as a family one. Kim helped me and the person being interviewed to feel calm during the process! And sat with me for ages afterwards helping me to decide who to employ as it is a very difficult decision to make when it comes to someone spending time with your loved one. Once the person was employed Kim remained involved and helped with references, payslips, payments and all aspects of the process. It was invaluable to have someone who knew exactly what they were doing with a caring, patient attitude to help at an already difficult time.
Mandy Barker
I have known Kim Pullan for 10 years both personally and professionally. I worked alongside Kim for 7 of those years as an Independent Living Advisor. During this time I can honestly say that she always gave 100% to the clients we worked with, sometimes going above and beyond what was required of her position. Kim is loyal and trustworthy and her expertise in this field will, I am sure, take the Company forward to enhance and enrich the experience the Company client base will have - ensuring them of the best level of support possible.
Linda LynchRetired Independent Living Advisor