Our Team Members

Kim Pullan

Director and Independent Living Advisor
My name is Kim Pullan.  I have a passion for this work, and I enjoyed carrying it out for over 10 years as an employee of a nationwide support service.  I felt strongly that a new Support Service was needed in this area, to widen the choice for local people from 2 Support Services to 3.  Our prices are, I believe, the best in the area, but we aim for our service to be second to none.
I worked with Sarah Burgman for over 10 years and she was the first person I thought of to ask to join the Company and oversee our payroll operation - she is a dedicated and professional payroll officer who understands the market sector we work for and their needs.

Sarah Burgman

Director and Payroll Manager
My name is Sarah Burgman. I have worked as a Senior Payroll Officer within the Care Sector for 13 years, and gained valuable experience during this time. I understand the importance of the work undertaken by organisations such as ours, as we are helping people to live as independently as they can within their Communities. I believe in a quality payroll service, and that is what I aim to provide, by paying attention to detail,and providing a personal service catered for the individual.