Kim Pullan Care Support Services

Kim Pullan Care Support Services (a Social Enterprise Registered Company) has been set up to help those people living in the Community who have decided that they want to have choice and control over who delivers their care, be that Social Care from the local authority, or Continuing Health Care from the NHS.  Alternatively you may be paying privately for a carer for yourself or a loved one, or be looking at doing this, but want to ensure you are doing everything correctly and legally.  It may be that you simply want us to provide a payroll service for you to pay your carer legally - and to ensure you are meeting any legal obligations regarding Workplace Pensions - we can help with all this.  Our Payroll Manager has had over 13 years experience in this very field, and I have had over 10 years experience in providing support and advice to people choosing to live as independently as they can, in spite of their disability or illness.

If you currently have a commissioned Care Agency deliver your care, (or care for a loved one) and it is not working for you then please give us a call for a no obligation discussion – there are other options available which could maybe enable you to have a carer of your own choosing, and at times which suit you.  Our role is to support you with this. Currently in North East Lincolnshire our fees would usually be met by the local authority if you qualify for care – you do not lose any of your care funding to pay for the support we provide. If you are paying for all your care yourself our fees are the cheapest in the area,and using us to help you pay your carer will ensure you are meeting your legal obligations as an Employer (please see our Payroll Information Leaflet with regards to “Self-Employed Carers". We are a registered Social Enterprise company – which means we are here to provide a quality support service to the Community – any profits made have to be put back into the Company to help it grow, and to assist more people in the community.

Equally, if you are already receiving a Personal Budget, or a Health Budget, but you are not happy with your current support then if you are in North East Lincolnshire, or North Lincolnshire you can choose to change over – we will help you every step of the way with this process.
Opting for a Personal Budget (or Direct Payment) to provide for your social care needs, or for a Personal Health Budget to provide for your Health Care assessed needs gives you choice and control – but this comes with responsibilities.

We are here to support you with these responsibilities and to help you make the most of your care package – leaving you to get on with living your life as independently as possible.

I have personally had over 10 years’ experience working as an Independent Living Adviser for a support service doing just that. I believe that there is a gap in the market for a flexible, genuinely person centred, professional and efficient service. Our services include unlimited support over each year that you chose to work with us – we work with the swings and roundabouts theory, safe in the knowledge, gained from years of experience, that some people do not need too much support once set up, but others require more. We do not limit you to a certain number of hours support per annum and then ask for more money when your time has run out.

We are committed to providing a flexible and personal service, and will cater to meet your needs and requirements – if you require support visits at the weekend, or in the evenings, we are happy to accommodate this – it may be that you want a particular family member present who works office hours and can only be present outside of these times.

Please see our Price List and Summary of Services

Our services include the following

Support with the set-up of your new Personal Budget – or with the transfer of an existing one to us if you are unhappy with your current support service provider

Accurate costings to ensure you are getting the most from your budget, and are not leaving a surplus in the account if you do not need to.  Even a small surplus of a couple of pounds a week can be put to good use – it might not give you an extra hour or even half hour of care each week, but it can give you some “one off” hours and we believe all of your budget should work for you, not be left sat in the account.

On-going and personalised support – we will remain at the end of the phone and assist you whenever you require any help – maybe with employment issues with your PA – we will help you access legal advice through your insurance to ensure any issues are dealt with correctly, so that you fulfil your obligations as the employer – we will speak to the insurers on your behalf and attend meetings with your PA when necessary.

Support with advertising and recruitment - this includes the placing of adverts on both our website and the Job Centre website, provision of application forms for your vacancies/online application facilities through our website and references when a suitable person is chosen. We will carry out DBS checks (police checks) for you when requested.

Payroll services – these are provided by one of our Directors - Sarah Burgman - who has had 13 years experience working for a support service, accurately and efficiently processing carers wages for people in receipt of personal budgets all over the country.

We will make every effort to contact you if we have any problems processing your payroll – by phone and not just by letter – in an effort to ensure your carers are paid accurately, and on time. We will not loose touch of who our customer is, and what they require from us. We understand that sometimes the best laid plans go pear shaped, so if we don't receive your timesheet on time we are committed to doing all we can to ensure your carer is still paid. We appreciate that the postal system lets people down on occasions.

Safeguarding Support – we will process DBS (police checks) checks on your behalf on your chosen :Personal Assistant or Carer

Employment Support – we will provide you with Terms and Conditions of Employment for your PAs and calculate holiday entitlement for you

Employers Liability Insurance Support – we will provide you with details of companies you can purchase this from

Financial Support – we can look after your funding in a Managed Account – your care funds will be held in a separate Client bank account – you can ask to see your balance/transactions at any time and we will liaise with the local authority when your funding is due for an audit– we will pay your carers or your agency (or both) and take care of any tax or NI bills, as well as your insurance renewals.

Auto Enrolment support – all Employers must register with the Pensions Regulator – Sarah Burgman will also carry out this process for you.